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SMART Slate wireless slate
The SMART Slate™ wireless slate brings new possibilities to the classroom, giving you and your students the freedom to interact with digital content from anywhere in the room. As you use the pen to write on the surface of the wireless slate, your handwriting displays on both your computer screen and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or a projection screen for all to see.

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Complement any classroom
SMART Slate connects wirelessly to your computer from up to 32′ (10 m) away. Connected to a projector and your computer, the wireless slate makes it easy for you to comfortably interact with lesson material while your students simultaneously view the same content on a large projection screen. To further enhance whole-class, small-group and individual instruction, SMART Slate seamlessly integrates with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Podium interactive pen display and SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

Engage students right at their desks
Reach all students in your classroom by handing them the wireless slate and giving them the opportunity to solve problems or demonstrate their knowledge on a specific subject. For example, as you walk around the classroom, you can write out a math problem using SMART Slate and then hand it to a student to complete the answer. Their work will be projected for the whole class to see, and the class can collaborate to reach the best solution. Wireless capability provides an added benefit for students with limited mobility, since SMART Slate can move to where they sit, and helps you reach shyer students in your class.
If you are using the wireless slate in combination with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, one student can write on the interactive whiteboard at the same time as a classmate writes on the slate. Each student’s annotations will appear simultaneously, making it easy to involve students on the fly using real-time collaboration.

Gain mobility in your teaching
SMART Slate gives you flexibility by complementing different teaching styles. With the wireless slate in hand, you can control Slate4applications, add notes and highlight important information, whether you’re at the front of the room, back of the class or beside a student.
The wireless slate’s work surface corresponds to your computer’s desktop, which is displayed on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or a traditional projection screen for the whole class to see. Wirelessly control applications from anywhere in the room and write in digital ink with the battery-free, tethered pen.



Slate5Easy classroom integration
SMART Slate fits into a variety of technology-enabled classrooms. On its own, it functions easily with a computer and projector. When integrated with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or the SMART Podium interactive pen display, the wireless slate gives you even more ways to shift easily and frequently between whole-class, small-group and individual instruction.
SMART Slate seamlessly integrates with SMART Notebook software, a powerful and easy-to-use application that enables you to create, deliver and manage interactive lessons. The wireless slate extends the power of SMART Notebook software throughout the classroom, giving teachers and students the ability to interact with high-impact lessons no matter where they are in the room.

Sleek, ergonomic design
SMART Slate is slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry as you move around the classroom. It includes a battery-free, tethered Slate6pen that writes with precision. The pen is used on the slate’s 6 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ (17.3 x 10.8 cm) electromagnetic surface to control applications, write notes and highlight information.
Your can customize SMART Slate by using the three user-defined buttons to set up quick access to your favorite functions. The battery-free, tethered pen also features a customizable rocker switch and dedicated eraser.

The slate’s battery has a life of at least 24 hours of continuous use, with a charge time of 6.5 hours. It can be conveniently charged by attaching it to your computer with the included USB cable. The slate’s physical power switch ensures that the battery doesn’t drain during periods of nonuse.

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