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SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

SMART IdeasĀ® concept-mapping software brings the power of visual learning to your classroom. It helps students visualize and analyze complex ideas by building multilevel interactive maps. This fun, colorful software enables students to conceptualize information more quickly.


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New perspective on learning
With SMART Ideas, you can create multilevel concept maps that take students through concepts one step at a time for greater clarity. And you can easily convert the maps into a multipage website for everyone to share.
A bank of colorful and descriptive graphics helps teachers break down information in highly visual ways so students can understand each element of a concept. You can enhance maps with curriculum-specific clip art or external links to make lessons more dynamic.


Show concepts from multiple perspectivesideas4
Multilevel maps are the key to illustrating the logical and thematic connections within a lesson. Viewing separate levels of a map helps students think about concepts in chunks that are easy to understand. And with SMART Ideas, you can present information from a variety of perspectives. Show all map levels at once or switch between the text-only and visual views to demonstrate the connection between graphic and written elements. For presentations, you can clear the toolbar and present your map in an easy-to-view format.



Link multimedia
ideas5You can add links or attachments to your maps, so they’re sure to capture the attention of today’s digitally literate students. And students can use multimedia to enhance their own presentations, making their projects as descriptive and captivating as possible.





Create curriculum-specific maps
SMART Ideas comes with over 2,000 resizable pieces of clip art, and they’re all organized by curriculum topic. You can find subject-ideas6specific, searchable clip art displayed in a thumbnail preview.

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