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SMART audio

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

The SMART Audio™ classroom amplification system fosters deeper engagement by evenly distributing sound throughout the classroom, which helps students focus on lessons with fewer distractions. In fact, research has shown that classroom amplification can improve standardized test scores by 10 percent.* With its innovative features like one-touch integration with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, SMART Audio is an easy-to-use classroom amplification system that can help your students to stay focused.

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The sound of engagement
SMART Audio is designed to raise the sound of your voice – or any multimedia content in your lessons – comfortably above the noise of daily activity in your classroom. Its seamless integration with SMART Notebook software enables you to control all of your audio with one touch, which helps lessons flow with fewer interruptions. And when distractions are limited in the classroom, students can more naturally engage in lessons.

Amplify learningSMART_Audio4
When students miss a few words, they can miss out on a lot. This is especially true for auditory learners, English language acquisition students and students who are just beginning to master speech and language. With SMART Audio, you can be confident that your voice will be amplified evenly throughout the classroom, so your students can get the information they need.

Speak volumes
To help ensure your words rise above the ambient noise of your classroom without causing vocal strain, SMART Audio is equipped with a wireless infrared microphone, four wall- or ceiling-mounted speakers, a room module that combines an amplifier and infrared sensor, and a control unit that provides a USB connection to the computer.

Enhance lessons
SMART Audio enhances multimedia material in your lessons by connecting to portable MP3 players, DVD players and other devices.SMART_Audio5 You can adjust your audio without interruption by accessing SMART Audio directly from within your lesson.

SMART Audio is the only classroom amplification system that integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook software and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. This saves time and makes lessons flow smoothly by enabling you to control all of your audio with one touch, so you can place more focus on your students and on lesson objectives.

Integrate with existing systems
ideas6SMART Audio helps you make the most of your investment by connecting with your school’s existing intercom or paging system, so classroom audio will mute if an announcement is made over the school-wide system. And if your school is equipped with a security system, the alarm can be set to activate from your microphone.

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