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NoteBox-blandet-UK NoteBox is a storage unit that can hold up to 16 tablets. The 16 tablets are stored horizontally and are well protected by the foam inserts. The cables are secured by plastic shelving and at the back clips prevent the cables being pulled out. Both the front door and the inspection door at the back are lockable. NoteBox can be used as a stationary unit and can be mounted on the wall by using the fittings supplied. Several units can be placed on top of one another. NoteBox can be supplied with NoteSync Lite (synchronisation of 16 tablets at the same time) or NoteCharge Lite (charge function only). For more information please see the product information sheet “NoteSync”. NoteBox-blandet-UK-onderdelen Specifications

Height: 450 mm Width: 395 mm Depth: 390 mm Weight: 20,5 kg The shelves are 20 cm in depth. Maximum tablet size (incl. USB connector): 35 cm x 2 cm x 25 cm Variations Article no. NoteBox – charge and sync NBOX-15-WALL-SL-SC NoteBox – charge only – Ipad NBOX-16-WALL-CLIP-SC NoteBox – Charge only – Uni. NBOX-16-WALL-CLU-SC Article no.: NBOX-16-WALL

NoteBox is a strong static option to store your iPads and tablets. Wall or desk mountable, with upgrade options to manage iPads/small tablets, makes NoteBox a very compact solution for 15/16 devices on the market.

 NoteBox can be supplied with NoteSync Lite for syncing up to 15 iPads/tablets or NoteCharge Lite (charge function only).

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